2. What is brake calibration and what value should this be?

It is important to train with the same training values every day. At the moment there are many different power meters (SRM, Powertap, Quark, Power2max, Look-Polar) with their own measuring system. Comparisons with these power meters don’t always make sense, because they measure in a different manner. More about this later.
The brake calibration ensures that the 100 Watt you trained yesterday, is the same 100 Watt you train today. The resistance loss between brake and roller is automatically recalculated the moment you calibrate. This is also why it is important to do a 10 minute warming-up and then calibrate the brake. The calibration must always be between certain values. This is to prevent slippage. Tyre pressure between 7-8 bar (or 105 psi) is mandatory for the right training rides.

Calibration values Tacx trainers:
• Bushido 10-15
• Genius 6-9
• Vortex 0-3
• i-Magic 0-2
• Flow MP 0-2
• Flow 15
• Fortius 0-2

The installation disc features an instruction video of the Genius and how to set it up. In this video it is also explained how the roller needs to be attached to the tyre.

Power meters
With the Bushido it is possible from firmware 5.13 on to show the measuring data of the power meter on the Bushido display (and also in the software when it is linked). The power meter needs to work with the ANT+ protocol. Download the Bushido firmware here.

It is also possible to manually compare with your power meter. Select your trainer’s brake in the software and use the function SCALEFACTOR to adjust the software.