5. What are license codes and how does RLV protection work?

The Tacx Trainer software is protected with a license code. This code can only be used 1 time on 1 PC, to prevent copying.
After completing installation, the software can be started. While starting up, the license has to be activated. Therefore make sure that you are connected to the internet. You can also choose to use the software for 7 days in demo mode. This way you can test if the PC meets the system specifications and everything works well on this PC. After this 7 day trial period you can activate the license.

Transferring a license
It is possible to transfer a license from a PC. The license is then disconnected from the PC and can be installed on another PC. You can only do this when the PC has connection with the internet. Start up the Tacx Trainer software and go to HELP - Transfer license. All licenses (the video licenses included) are being disconnected. It is therefore not possible to disconnect just 1 video and install it on another PC.
Video licenses
The Tacx Real Life Videos and the Ergo Videos are also protected with a license code. The code can only be activated after installation of the video. You start up the software and go to Video (or Real Life Video) to select the video. The moment you push start, you can fill in the license code (always choose for online activation). When this goes wrong or you choose for demo, you can only try to activate the license again AFTER the 7 day trial period. The remaining trial days are shown in a countdown. After 0 days and starting the video you have to register the license, otherwise the video won’t start up.

Multiplayer license
The Multiplayer license can be purchased through a link in the software or through our web shop (link). The license is valid for 6 months or 1 year. When you buy a Genius MP or Flow MP and you register the user, 1 year is automatically being awarded to your license structure (PC related). With the Multiplayer button you can check for how long your license is still valid. When the license has expired, you go to Multiplayer -> purchase. You will then land on the website. Here you can purchase the license, after which you receive an e-mail with the Multiplayer license. This code you can enter in the software at Multiplayer -> register. The period of 6 months or 1 year will be automatically rewarded. When you transfer a license, the Multiplayer license is transferred too.

What is important?
It is important to make a back-up of the license after installing a couple of videos. In case of a PC crash or broken parts in the PC, it is easier for the Tacx Support desk to release all licenses again. Try to make a back-up every other month or after new installations. For TTS3 go to HELP - Back-up license and follow the instructions. For TTS4 go to HELP - Licenses - advanced and select the button: Back-up license.

What is no license?
While creating a user in the software, the trainer always needs to be connected. This is because all handlebar displays contain a serial number (no license number) that is being connected to your user. You can also see this in the user screen. When an error message appears stating that the serial number is not right, it means that the trainer isn’t connected. The serial number is then 0 (you can find this in the user profile). This has nothing to do with security.

What happens when it goes wrong?
There is a questionnaire for this, but when a PC changes its hard disk, or its name, security might think this is a manipulation. The software (TTS3) will then go into Light mode. With TTS4, from version 2 on, this will be in a non-registered version. This means that the trainer cannot be connected and you therefore can’t cycle. You won’t see the buttons Virtual Reality and Multiplayer anymore either. Chances are high that you can’t register or transfer the license again (maybe because it has already been blocked). Always try the button Back-up license in order that the Tacx Support desk can reset the license. Send a mail to support@tacx.com with the license number of TTS3 (or 4) and the problem description.