I have done an e-mail activation but nothing happens

E-mail activation is only used when the PC is not connected with the internet. Tacx advises to always use the ONLINE REGISTRATION. When you haven’t received a confirmation e-mail, connect the PC with the internet, select ACTIVATE again and then select ONLINE ACTIVATION.
When you really aren’t able to activate through the internet, make sure that the e-mail activation contains the following information. The e-mail always has to be sent to tacx@registerserver.net.
Copy the following text in an e-mail, fully and without modifications, and send it to tacx@registerserver.net.
Activation-Request for Tacx Training software 3 (2012-05-09)
Please do not change the following information
Module: TTS3
Name: Piet de Groot
License Number: nKnU7-FI182-w38DV-0tJ87-RLpCk-3A3SA (this is a sample code, do not use)
E-mail: pietdegroot@hotmail.com
Install Codes:
01: 9DC10EA7
02: 3D27846F
03: DF1F3BE0
04: DF1F3BE0
05: 126E44DE
06: E498004A
07: C0593726
08: DB7AD131
09: 24283F77
10: 40504936
12: DF1F3BE0
Your registration information is sent to our Activation Center. Please allow 1 to 2 business days to receive an unlock key.
The following block contains the information of this e-mail in an automatically processable form. Please do not change the information, since otherwise the processing will not be possible or will be delayed.
--- ENDBLOCK ---
The receipt confirmation will be as follows:
Find below the Unlock Key for Tacx Trainer software. The Unlock Key is associated with the Serial Number nKnU7-FI182-w38DV-0tJ87-RLpCk-3A3SA
Please type in the key(s) in the following order